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Work with me to get the very best methodes and coaching available. Let’s get your family’s money management in control.

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Expat Entrepreneur in NL

When you own a business you want that business to thrive like you want your personal life to thrive. As a financial coach I can help you achieve financial peace of mind, resilience and clarity like you never had before.

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Expat Family in NL

We go through a process of learning new skills and new ways of spending and saving. Expect a steep learning cure! And a big smile as well. I will coach you in an inspiring way to a new financial horizon.

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Finances for Single Expats

You are making it happen by yourself. Big responsibilities are tackled by you and having me as your coach and accountability partner can be liberating. Let's incorporate new skills to improve your financial future.

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Workshop for Expat Employee

You want to be involved in the wellbeing of your team. Expats may face financial issues & challenges that can be somewhat different from the challenges & issues Dutch people encounter. Having a professional confidant by their side can make all the difference in the way your people show up and maintain focus.

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Expat Money Behavior

Oh that money mindset! It ís a buzz word now. However, their is a lot of thruth about giving your money mindset the appropriate attention.

It affects your decision making in every day live. I like to incorporate this "reflection tool" into real situations. Let's keep things down to earth and practical to get the best integration.

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Life Planning

Life Planning connects our financial realities and the lives we want to live.
Together we create a Life Plan designed to pursue wat is deeply personal: your life’s passions, wherever they may lead.
Life Planning can be integrated in financial coaching to experience its advantages to the fullest.

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Excellent support and coaching. Just what I needed. Smart advice on finances delivered in a compassionate way. Happy I found you! Thanks for the finances and life coaching.

Anu K.

Expat in eINDHOVEN

Are you ready to do and be more?

Having a sound basis in your finances means peace of mind and resilience for the future of your family. Get this proven method and you wil maximize your chances to get where you want to be and need to be.

Let’s take this step together.  Contact me and we will discuss your challenges and your vision for your future.