Hi Expat!

Welcome to this website. If you are here, you have most likely made it to The Netherlands. Well done!

So, you might live in Eindhoven or in one of the surrounding villages. Getting here is one thing. Building a life another, and that can be challenging.

Thankfully there are so many expats in this region. Finding people who feel somewhat the same as you might not be that difficult. And even talking to other expats about logical – or even logistical- questions might not be that hard to do (i.e. where do I find a plumber, a doctor, an grocery store late at night….)

Challenges in personal finance

But what about somewhat more personal struggles? You might have financial challenges that you normally would not discuss with friends. It’s private. And perhaps you do not want to share your personal finance with them.

As a well established financial coach in Eindhoven I work with expats, and their families, to figure out day-to-day financial challenges. That means that together we look at what a normal, sustainable and enjoyable life would look like. What is important to you and to your spouse?

Did you know that about 59% of all spouses that come here have a University degree or higher? And that about 34% have a Bachelor degree?

And still, finding a job for the other partner seems to be challenging! That is why 86% of all expat couples consider going back to their (or either one’s) home country if the spouse is unable to find a suitable and fullfilling job!

So, about landing that job and an income for the significant other of the team… is that a financial necessity? Interviewing for a job is much more relaxed knowing that your private life is well balanced financially. Or that a fulfilling life can also be achieved through voluntering and charitable work while financial goals can still be met through time.

The method I work with provides you, and your family, an excellent outlook on this year and the many years to come that you will enjoy living in The Netherlands. What you are headed for will be very clear and clarity is what we want, so adjustments can be made in time if necessary or wanted.

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