Profound Method for Financial Coaching

In financial coaching we go through a process, a trajectory of learning new skills and new ways of spending and saving. And you can expect a steep learning cure! And a big smile as well. I will coach you in an inspiring way to a new financial horizon.

We can start off by having an intake session where we meet, you are able to share a little more about the challenges that you face and the financial future you desire. And you will be able to get to know me better and the way I work. Our intake session will be free of charge.

Normally a trajectory takes up to 5 sessions of 90 minutes while we meet live to have in depth talks about all things that matter for you to grow in the way you handle your finances. At each session your home work 🙂 will be discussed and that will be the input for our next session. My method will be available to you at all times and it will be yours forever.

You will have this method available to you in Excel which makes it very accessible. Also, you get binders that are in alignment with this method to file your documents. Everything that involves your personal finance will be easy to store, file and find from now on. This gives you so much more clarity and peace of mind. You will love it.

Financial Coaching for you as a Business Owner

When you own a business you want that business to thrive like you want your personal life to thrive. As a financial coach I can help you achieve financial peace of mind, resilience and clarity like you never had before. Together we go in depth on the processes of your business, the choices you make and the financial impact they have.
Home, your family life, is the foundation of what we do. So we start with your personal finances. We want the same resilience and clarity there as in your professional life. They way we work will make it very clear what needs to be done and it will free up your mind to take those necessary steps. So your business supports home in the way you envisioned.

The way we work on your business will be somewhat similar to the way we work on your personal finance. You will recognize the profound strategy behind the system. Of course we tailor all this to your needs as an entrepreneur.

Want to jump in? I would love to work with you!

Annemieke van Leest-Ehlers