Life Planning Eindhoven

This is a web page about an additional service that I perform. I have a website about Life Planning which I would like to introduce to you as below:

What defines a fulfilled life to you?

Welcome to your path to freedom. That is what financial Life Planning is all about—the freedom to find your dreams, and to bring them alive. Life Planning helps you reorganize your relationship to money so that your financial resources are dedicated to supporting your life of greatest value, meaning and purpose.

I will help you find all you need to uncover your most deeply held life goals and create a practical plan to make them happen, including a financial plan that supports your goals.

Life Planning connects the dots between our financial realities and the lives we long to live. Together we cultivate a Life Plan designed to deliver the most meaningful kind of freedom: The freedom to pursue life’s passions, wherever they may lead.

Life planning can be fully or partially integrated in financial coaching to get to a deeper understanding of your life goals and therefore your financial goals. Combining these two makes our work so much more profound and meaningful in redirecting your financial life.

Would you like to read more about Life Planning Eindhoven? Please check out my website

This website will be in dual language, so in English for expats and in Dutch for all “Nederlands” speaking clients.

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