My name is Annemieke van Leest-Ehlers.
Together with my family and our two lovely cats we live in Eindhoven. One of them is Bella, a little mischief of almost 1 year old. She loves getting into trouble and it is our job to rescue her from whatever she has gotten herself into. Which is a lot. The other one is Jasmijntje (Jasmine), an older lady who likes her comfort and quiet time.

Bella, very happy mischief

This is my Why

I love my job. It is very fulfilling to be able to do what you are supposed to be doing in this world. In my late twenties, I used to work as an account manager for a big bank. And I loved working with clients towards a better financial life. Improving their finances thrilled me, because I saw the immediate effect it had on the quality of their lifes. The skills and techniques I learned in that period proved to be invaluable later on. I fine tuned the knowledge I already acquainted in personal finance with new certificates and bank related diplomas.

I moved on and learned new techniques and improved my skills in the coaching business. I got a diploma as an EMCC/Post-HBO certified Coach. And that is where I hit my sweet spot; because personal finance still had the better part of my heart, but now I was able to combine the skills I picked up with a deeper understanding of personal beliefs and how that affects one’s (financial) behavior. Having that knowledge of coaching ├índ personal finance made it so much more rewarding to do my work. Because after several years, I decided to fully follow my bliss and start my own company. Being a well established financial coach means I gained experience in multiple client settings and related to oh so many different personal stories.

With my clients, I have a strong outlook on the future. What are they heading for and what does a truly fulfilling and prosperous future look like for them? I knew that there was a piece of the puzzle missing in the way I wanted to do my work. I needed more skills to truly and professionally help my clients build the (financial) future they desire. I became a Registered Life Planner (RLP) and that knowledge completed my journey so far in genuinely being able to understand what an authentic en fulfilled life looks like for my clients. And that knowledge, that process of understanding somebody’s why is integrated in this path of financial coaching that we create together.

Financial Coach Annemieke van Leest-Ehlers in Eindhoven
Annemieke van Leest-Ehlers, Financial Coach and Registered Life Planner (RLP)